NUMEROLOGY in relation to the ALPHABET

Numerology in Relation to the Alphabet

1       -  A  J   S
2       -  B  K  T
3       -  C  L  U
4       -  D M V
5       -  E N W
6       –  F O X
7       -  G P Y
8       – H Q Z
9       –  I  R

NAME NUMEROLOGY - How to work out the numbers of your name and their meaning and influences


Joanne Walmsley    Sacred Scribes


  1. I don't' understand this. Is it your first name? Which name?

    1. It is very easy to understanding about Numerology in Relation to the Alphabet.

    2. Lara is my first name. Thank you so much

  2. Goto numerologists.com u can use key to calculate your Expression number, Soul Urge number & Destiny numbers, using your full name at birth. Aswell as using your date of birth to calculate your Life Path number you will find on the a key chart for letter values along with meanings & directions on how to use numerology to change your life & others. Down to how u make decisions, treat others & deal with other people & situations. It's an awe inspiring science I've only just begun to study & nearly scratched the surface. Good luck & enjoy. Regards Emi Indichick xx

  3. The GREAT 20th century FOX!
    .........."And the unseen shall control the masses!" .................."Give me their children and you've given me the world!"..............makes one think :-!

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  5. What if my first name equals a prime number. 11, 22?? Do these add together also?, or does 11 have 1 energy ? Etc.

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