NUMEROLOGY in relation to the ALPHABET

Numerology in Relation to the Alphabet

1       -  A  J   S
2       -  B  K  T
3       -  C  L  U
4       -  D M V
5       -  E N W
6       –  F O X
7       -  G P Y
8       – H Q Z
9       –  I  R

NAME NUMEROLOGY - How to work out the numbers of your name and their meaning and influences


Joanne Walmsley    Sacred Scribes


  1. I don't' understand this. Is it your first name? Which name?

    1. It is very easy to understanding about Numerology in Relation to the Alphabet.

  2. Goto numerologists.com u can use key to calculate your Expression number, Soul Urge number & Destiny numbers, using your full name at birth. Aswell as using your date of birth to calculate your Life Path number you will find on the a key chart for letter values along with meanings & directions on how to use numerology to change your life & others. Down to how u make decisions, treat others & deal with other people & situations. It's an awe inspiring science I've only just begun to study & nearly scratched the surface. Good luck & enjoy. Regards Emi Indichick xx

  3. The GREAT 20th century FOX!
    .........."And the unseen shall control the masses!" .................."Give me their children and you've given me the world!"..............makes one think :-!

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  5. What if my first name equals a prime number. 11, 22?? Do these add together also?, or does 11 have 1 energy ? Etc.

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