Keywords for Number 2
Diplomat, friend, artist, enduring peacemaker, gentle, kind, charming, insightful, sensitive, team-player, ambitious, spiritual, well-mannered, placid, just, unselfish, harmonious, sociable, supportive, attention to detail, co-operative, decisive, poise, intuitive, adaptable, agreeable, cautious, considerate, emotional, flexible, loving, understanding, consideration, grace, devotion, the subconscious, balance, mediation.

Irresolute, indifferent, unable to take responsibility, fearful, weak-willed, submissive, pessimistic, dependent, indecisiveness, hesitation, indecisiveness, lack of balance, unsteady, unstable, insensitive, inflexible, disagreeable, stagnant, inconsiderate, unemotional, unloving, fears making mistakes, fears unplanned change, fears being alone, fear of the unknown.

Keywords for Number 3
Creative, sociable, easy going, visionary, humourous, energetic, growth, expansion, principles of increase, spontaneous, broadminded thinking, optimism, kindness, encouragement, assistance, speech, faith, hope and charity, culture, wit, communication, fun-loving, freedom-seeking, brave, adventurous, exuberant, brilliant, non-confrontational, open-channel, free-form, rhythm, inspiration, love of pleasure, joy, art, passion, surprise, intelligence, sensitivity, psychic ability, social, self-expression, affable, communicative, enthusiastic, youthful, enlivening, imagination.

Indifferent, impatient, over-confident, lacking in stamina, easily-hurt, closed-minded, pessimistic, insensitivity, selfish, withdrawn and uncommunicative, anti-social, laziness, sensitivity to criticism, exaggeration, lack of direction, immaturity, sorrow.


Number 2 and Number 3 are likely to meet each other at a social function, as both enjoy going to parties and gatherings of friends.  They are likely to be attracted to each other, and a romantic relationship is generally successful. 

Number 3 likes relationships that are harmonious and Number 2 also has a great need for harmony.  Neither is likely to want to argue.  Number 3 will tend to be slightly more dominant than Number 2 in the relationship, and this should be challenged by both Number 2 and Number 3.  Number 2 will put up with a lot for the sake of harmony and an easy life, but should be wary of putting up with too much.

Number 3 should appreciate the easy-going nature of Number 2, and not exploit the situation for their own gain.

It is good that both Number 2 and Number 3 enjoy socializing, and that this is an activity that they will do together.  Number 3 will have fewer opportunities to flirt if Number 2 is present.  Number 3 should be careful to limit flirtatious behaviour when Number 2 is present, as Number 2 easily becomes jealous and bitter.  Number 2 may well view Number 3's flirtation as a form of betrayal and feel that he or she is not longer loved and respected.  This is the only area that could cause real problems in an otherwise fortunate match.

Number 2 and Number 3 should discuss the issue and explain their feelings to each other.  Number 2 will need reassurance from Number 3 that there is no threat, and Number 2 should not try to restrict Number 3's personality.


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  1. I recently met a 2 and im 3 im fiery and all that you wrote even more..im afraid i will hurt him but i will try to control my personality is hard and i dont want to be walking on eggshells i hope he is mature enough to see me clear im 37 he is 48. I really like him.

  2. Yep, we met out partying, both enjoyed having a party atmosphere, though I was more social (the 2) and wanted to go out more than he (3). I was also the more insecure one especially given his flirtatious nature, I needed to feel like his queen because he was my everything, too much in fact. We had a passionate relationship bonded by sex and fought often. We ended because we couldn't put drugs over love but I believe he will always be one of my true love affairs. We were quite adventurous together and always free to be whoever we wanted, lots of great sex, and common sense of humor- in the best of times, at worst we were untrusting, manipulating, and critical.