Keywords for Number 7
Specialist, inventor, loner, eccentric, thoughtful, spiritual, psychic, natural healer, inner-strength, quick-witted, wise, discerning, understanding of others, philosophical, endurance, deep contemplation, solitary, independent, mystic, psychic, keen mind, determination, individualist, knowledge-seeking, non-conformist, persistence of purpose, perfection.

Morbid, hypercritical, inactive, anti-social, pessimistic, silent, dependency, depression, stagnant, lack of persistence, pride, narrowness, distance, rigidity, argumentative, temper.

Keywords for Number 8
Manifesting, wealth, money, finances, power, riches, status, material, pragmatism, the Ego, provision, aggregation, dictatorship, delegation, multiples, business, investment, employment, appearance, customs, skills, exchange, reality, world transformation, executive, professional, strength, problem-solver, organizer, achiever, practical, business-like, decisive, controlling, constant, confident, ambitious, authoritarian, self-confident, integrity, challenge, efficiency, dependability, trustworthy, planner, good judgement, sociable, giving and receiving, organization, stability, works independently, learning through experience, patience, caution, self-discipline, self-sufficient.

Unimaginative, blunt, self-serving, materialistic, ruthless, obsessive, weak, irresponsible, narrow-mindedness, disorganized, anti-social, selfish, instability, restriction, impractical.


There will be no dramatic first encounter for Number 7 and Number 8. 
An attraction between these two is more likely to develop over a period of time in which they get to know each other.

If a romance does develop between Number 7 and Number 8, the initial stages of the relationship will progress quite quickly.  This will be unusual for Number 8 who is generally quite reserved and cautious about making any sort of commitment, but Number 7s ability to fall head over heels I love at the drop of a hat will ensure that commitment is discussed at an early stage.  This wills suit both individuals initially.

Problems may arise if Number 8 feels too confident of Number 7’s love and takes the relationship for granted.  Number 8 may feel so sure of Number 7’s devotion that they feel they can spend less time with their partner and more time at work advancing their career.

Number 7 needs love and support and may become insecure and resentful if they feel that Number 8 is neglecting them.  Number 7 should not be too demanding of Number 8 and needs to appreciate that their career is very important to them. 

There could be difficulties in communication generally between Number 7’s and Number 8’s.  Number 7 will not really understand Number 8’s ambitions, and Number 8’s may find Number 7’s too emotionally demanding and a bit vague and unmotivated.  Number 7 may feel that Number 8 is too domineering and may feel that their independence is being threatened. Number 7 and Number 8 will have quite a few problems that they will need to work through in order for this relationship to succeed. 

If Number 7 and Number 8 do manage to overcome their differences, then they will be very happy together.


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  1. So true my husband a 7 ,like me .........decided to start an emo affair Co worker an 8 ,he soon realized how annoying she was cuz she would never shut the hell up about herself and all the bragging she would do about herself,besides being a" whore "she was materialistic,and that's one thing number sevens can't stand,he soon tired and left her to another co-worker to screw during lunch hours­čśŐsorry jackie smith!!!!

  2. I am a female scorpion 8. He is a male Sagittarius 7. We both share the same birth year, fire monkeys. I am materialistic, money keeps me balanced. I do talk about myself a lot too. I'm very open to explore all aspects of what's in me and my sexual needs. And people feel safe and calm around me. A true Manipulator I can be. But I'm responsible and understand consequences. I prefer to have real relationships. I fight for the collective and do what's best for all. Any who, my life partner is a fire sag divine 7. Both of us are young (early 20s) and have did it all to each other. Dissolved egos into each other. Our passion sexually is just as strong as it was three years ago since I took him out on a date. I'm aggressive and competitive. Worker I am. And yes he became uncertain of my loyalty. But I don't take relationships lightly. Just because I'm working doesn't mean i have intentions to be with another mentally or physically. We did separate for a short time. He said one day I just stopped talking to him lol. But I still loved him. Continued working 7 days a week and working on my car, my love. He found another, I made friends who have similar mentality as me in certain aspects. I came to call, same manner as is my natural senses. ( I'm 23 now and I've learned to think before I act, or emotion. ) he of course rekindled with me. Yet I still was me, worker and we still haven't learned to accept each other and insecurity got a stronger foot hold. His solution? He got me pregnant. We lived together. Problems never got resolved just brushed on. We knew what we needed to do. Just didn't. Too deep in our sickness. I emotionally cheated, so did he. We've been physically and mentally abusive to each other. I felt like he didn't understand and all he wanted was to be found again. I'm not appreciated. He wasn't the only one in my life. You can say we hated all we've did. Separated. I needed to be me. He needed to find himself, father and grandma died and he never truly grieved. Lost everything, friends, family, job, car, place, me and his son. I went to school and work. Got a new suv. Picked up hobbies. And he is still finding himself. And here I will wait, patiently for him. I support him in all ways I can. Like a creepy stalker I'll love him from afar til he loves himself. I told him forever, nd forever is what I meant. Scorpions have one card. And I've used it. We stay connected throughout it all. Love had never changed. Just our growth as better human being, understanding, and patience. I accept all of him. His sad,angry, loving, shame, all the pains and joys. All I ask is what I deserve. He must give himself. Let my tide swallow him to sink to the endless bottom till we see eye to eye, same plain. Then float to the surface and burn on my outer most layer like my armor. Or I'll address all accordingly.. make more money and music with him as a friend. Either way, we will always try to be friends. Even though it's easier to love hard or hate and destroy. Our story isn't over. Maybe in our thirties we'll travel, build our house and garden from scratch like we've talked about. Or strengthen a revolution and destroy society. With as little life loss as necessary. I'm also political. Less aggressive, but firm on my morals. Pick a side folks. Be passionate. The universe will self sustain. Let's shake mfs up. Power to the next generation. Seriously, if we don't, times running out. There are Democratic solutions, and true revolutionary solutions. Find them. I look forward to the future. 3:)(:0

    1. I'm a 7, and I really enjoyed reading your thoughts :)
      Honestly, most of my friends are 8s, even my ex-girlfriend (separated due to long distance). I think it is all a matter of understanding, respect but also the point in time in which both numbers meet. 8s gave me more balance and showed me another perspective of life, especially living in a society where money is the new religion.
      If 7s use their wisdom to better understand things they would rather judge and 8s be more understanding rather than taking things for granted, 7s and 8s can be nothing but a perfect match..

    2. I'm a 7 and i'm currently dating an 8 and what you said is everything that i've felt so far in my relationship. we seriously balance each other out and have the BEST talks.
      i'm really into numerology and everything i've read so far has seemed to state that 7 and 8 are doomed, but i'm a true believer that generalized compatibility is mostly bs.

      a lifepath 8 was literally the LAST number i thought i'd connect with, and its been the deepest connection in my life.

      ah, what a mystery life truly is.

    3. I have exactly the same! Ive been with men that wouldve fit me more, but as it turns out the man with capricorn 8 (me virgin 7) is the one that still takes my breath away. Never felt so strong about someone. I do want to talk everything through and he very much doesnt. But his emotional scilence makes me listen in other ways that touch me deeper than ever before. I dont understand that it says this is a doomed relationship. Ive never felt more.

    4. I have such a deep connection with a life path 7, (scorpio man) and I a Sagittarius (life path 8) We definitely balance each other out as well, been through similar experiences as one another, he's like my mirror and so I know how to uplift him. I for one am not materialistic, its surprising when I read that as well and have all the confidence in the world between me and him, definitely a worth wild, long term relation.

  3. I'm a male Cancer 7 she is a April 8 i don't I'm a freak she is more reserved but I'm able to bring out that inner freak engagement only when the sex is primitive, I'll start by biting suck and nibbling all over her body. Usually followed by me aggressively turning her over and sniffing, licking, and probing her body with my tongue, I don't care to much about wants it's the needs that concern me, she over thinks in a good way I'm like whatever happens keep it peaceful and the universe will manifest harmony within your reality. We have been together since we where kids I was hear first and last and each time I see her I fall in love all over again like a new found meaning to live life live love live peace.

  4. I’m a Sagittarian 8 who recently hooked up with a Libra 7. The part about the initial stages of romance moving quickly was very applicable to us. I have a lot of issues with intimacy and my communication skills need some work. I ended up freaking out and pushed him away a week later. I regret the way I handled it, and now he’s not speaking to me. I’ve tried reaching out to him and explained myself with no bias and a request to talk, but he never responded. The communication breakdowns are definitely hindering any potential in this proceeding, which is a shame.