Those born under the influence of the number 20 incarnate to be of service to souls who are ailing and in need of help. Such individuals bring spiritual upliftment and guidance and live the humanitarian ideals. The keyword is ‘Universal Service.’

Number 20 stands for souls who have the knowledge of both good and evil and must consciously make choices to attain balance in all situations. These people will bear the cross faithfully with the future crown in mind. Their aim is the wise use of time and they are given a greater spiritual dimension to their perceptive qualities. At this same time they are finding that they have a lessening ability to deal and cope with stress and this may upset their balance, causing them to either get sick, or angry or both.

The soul-self knows the danger of unbalanced decisions and realizes that they must learn to work carefully and bide their time in order to make wise choices. They can direct their powers along positive channels and greatly benefit from their positive gifts simply by being aware of their inner-selves.

Whenever the 0 is seen within a number, it intensifies the vibration of the number it appears with  -  in this case, the sensitive, passionate number 2. This makes the number 20 individual easily influenced and extremely emotional and they crave beauty, harmony and love, and are brilliant at persuading others that they too are brilliant.

20 energy people are caring and loving, however, they are also sensitive and may have trouble with their self-esteem. They like lots of friends around them and any quarrelling is very upsetting for them.

20 / 2
The 20/2 vibration can be a very negative vibration and can have a desperate need for security and companionship. This may, however, push a person into a hasty, ill-advised marriage. This person can have several emotional affairs, each being accompanied by heartache and failure – depending upon the personality.

The 20/2 will sometimes feel a sorrow that they don't understand, and it is simply the spirit recollection of separation and a longing to return to unity – or Home.

The 20 person loves sensual gifts. Men will appreciate aftershave, pure cotton underwear, a foot spa of a voucher for a massage. Women like satin sheets, sexy lingerie, romantic novels, good quality cookware, their favourite perfume or a voucher for the beauty salon.

Tickets for a show or sporting event, and pictures of family enlarged and framed, go down well with both sexes.

Public relations agents, artists or interior decorators.

Also see the vibrations and attributes of number 2 and number 0.



  1. Also see numerology and attributes of number 2 and number 0.

    1. I have seen the number 20 20 20 last Sunday but I ignored it. Today I saw the same number 20 20 20 then the number 21 21 21 one hour later. Please help me understand the hiding message. Yvann

    2. I was born on the 20th and this is soo true, I keep getting heart broken every time.