The 25 person is sometimes known to be very aloof and critical of others so it is hard to form close bonds with one. However, they possess a wonderful mind and are excellent researchers.

Number 25, due to its 2 + 5 = 7 vibration, is the thinker, dreamer and philosopher who can easily leave the world behind and enter into the world of creative imagination. Number 2 brings its influences of bringing things together and finding balance, number 5 resonates with changes and adaptability, and number 7 relates to mysticism, intuition, research and knowledge.

Number 25 are flexible in nature and are able to see things from different perspectives and angles, making them fair and balanced individuals.

Number 25 needs to investigate all things and come to their own conclusions, decisions and value system. 25 searches for its own belief system and wants to do its own investigation/s.

Female 25 people love anything 'New Age' -  crystals, a pendulum, Tarot cards, scented candles and the like are ideal gifts for the 25 energy. 25s also enjoy reading, so books (particularly self-help books) are much appreciated.

Males would love a new bicycles, computer software, CD's and good wine.

Both sexes like to relax, so a house cleaner for a month, a hammock or sun lounge for the garden, or renting a log cabin in the mountains for the weekend would be perfect gifts.

25 people have brilliant minds and make for excellent investigators, scientists and researchers.

Also see the energies and attributes of number 2, number 5 and number 7 (2+5=7)

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  1. First time I check something like this and I don't believe things like this really, but HOLLY FUCK, HOLLY SHIT, I'M THE 25
    (the worse is I obsessed over the number as a kid, since birth date, place, phone number, and much other, I always loved it. I now destroyed my"self" and it is the only thing I can't put as feeling-to-color that doesn't feel dull...
    self help books are not for me, I'm alone for that and I'll say so. Development did it concerning that I guess, changed myself too much, mostly during a fun trauma for a solipsism I had done)

    but HOOLLLLY SHIT, HOLLY SHIT, (ok I don't drink as of now, so forget maybe the wine, even though, I like making the self feel differently, so the red wine taste is the "bad" I like ;) )

    1. :DD I laughed reading you ..seems like you sip little of something while writing this comment...but sitll its itneresting, what month are you born on 25th? Im 25 too

    2. & of course us 25s would find this article due to our written qualities to research lol. Great man. Just awesome.

    3. Probably there is no one to guide you. Even if someone guide, you might not have followed their instruction, ended up doing things what pleased you in the past, that now pain you in the present.

  2. kind of some connection there

  3. I am a number 25 also.. I like to plan schemes on how to rob Wal Mart and Amazon from a million dollars but in the day I just a cool layed back person who don't too much go out for opportunities I let opportunities come to me

  4. I was born on Nov 2 but I always had a fascination with the number 25. And quarters. Never understood why. But this is actually acurate description of me .... Crazy huh

  5. So I got a friend request from a boy who lived across the street from me when I was little, we were the greatest friends. Hadn't seen or talked to him in 25 years. He sent me a friend request on facebook on July 25th. Months ago my parents reserved a campsite near the place where my cousin is getting married. It just so happens that this friends' parents have a seasonal trailer not only in the same park but right across the road from eachother just like our homes when we were kids! We will be seeing eachother for the first time this Friday August 25. We are thinking that the #25 may just happen to be our number.