The number 33 symbolizes the principle of guidance.  When expressed to the fullest, the 33 lacks all personal ambition, and instead focuses its considerable abilities toward the spiritual uplifting of mankind.  What makes the 33 especially impressive, is the high level of sincere devotion.  This is shown in its determination to seek understanding and wisdom before preaching to others.

The 33 in full force is extremely rare.

33 Keywords:
Healer, compassionate, blessings, teacher of teachers, martyr, inspiration, honesty, discipline, bravery, courage.

Parent, guardian, educator, teacher, artist, doctor.


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  1. I've seen 33 alot over the last 3 years

  2. The message and meaning of repeating number 33 (or Angel Number 33) can be found at:




    1. Thanks for this! I like the way you have your site played out. Especially this page. I can tell you used a lot of intuitive inspiration resonating from your heart chakra to create this specific page. When will you be releasing your books? :-D

    2. "The 33 in full force is extremely rare." Why do you see this? What do you mean by this?

  3. What makes the 33 especially impressive, is the high level of sincere devotion. This is shown in its determination to seek understanding and wisdom before preaching to others. James

  4. Ok so I am a 33/6. I get it and yet I dont. I have fallen out of love/compassion for my fellow humans. I know that that is the key, to be a humanitarian even though I dont like most humans. But DAY-UM this is hard! Any 33's out there want to lend your thoughts? a way to respond would be deborah underscore now at yah*o d*t com thanks!

    1. It sounds like these obstacles were put in your way to prevent you from serving your purpose. I am a 33/6 also. If you are to serve mankind in some capacity, how can you do so if you've been hurt or irked to the point of dislike. People are taught thinking processes and adoptive standards. If you could really look at the person, what they've been through, why they hurt, what leads their motives, maybe you would feel differently about most. Perhaps.

    2. I'm also a 33/6, I believe that the obstacles are put in place to be overcome. If you cannot help yourself and grow in your own personal life. How can you ever expect to devote your life to another to help them let alone all of humanity. I have been hurt and turned my back on people but only did so out of fear of ever being hurt again. Our world is a mirror image of ourselves and to be honest no one can truly harm us emotionally unless we allow them to do so. We stand in command of ourselves now and forever, it does not mean that we should not love, because we should wholeheartedly in fact. But when u can understand with both your heart and mind the reasons behind someone's actions regardless of if you agree with them or not then you can look with unclouded eyes, it does not mean that you won't experience any pain but you will be able to deal with it more efficiently. To receive love you must give love. If you close yourself to all others how can you expect good people to open up to you.

    3. Hi there, I too am a 33/6, and the only way forward, for me at least, is to serve others in life; by helping them to help themselves. Saying that, I have met other 33/6 who are completely selfish. This makes perfect sense to me as the mirror image must reflect the polar opposite of the extreme. In this case self sacrificing versus self absorbed. I am not religious but a 33 is said to reflect the Christ energy which I can well believe, and do believe. The crux of that lesson was based upon the polar opposites of Jesus and Judas. The right/light path of a 33 is to go to the depths of our own despairs thereby enabling the facility to help others with theirs. You can not possibly hope to do this without processing your own pain - thoroughly. I find that this is a requirement in my own work of Spiritualism. There are too many out there who claim to provide quick fixes for cash, and the truth is they do not exist. It sounds like you need to do some healing on yourself, and as a 33, you will need to get used to it because to teach others, requires you to keep on learning, and we can only do that by doing deeper and deeper within ourselves to gain our own answers.

    4. Umm a comment on the thought that people can only hurry us emotionally if we let them. Personally I don't find that to make sense. I feel that if we are surrounded by certain environments we are effected by them. Simple science. I don't think humans are superman sometimes people can't help the way they feel. I don't like suggesting that they can. It just leaves to much power in the hands of humans. We are all just humans, and add such we are all "flawed" or molded by our surroundings. Most of the development in our brains is done before we can even comprehend something complex like seeing positive aspects in painful situations. Again, this is just what I personally have experienced. I hesitate to give any individual the idea that they are in complete control of their emotions. They are simply byproduct of brain function. They are not as simple as changing our mindset the same as someone who is blind may not begin to see solely from desiring the change. When so much responsibility is placed on an individual to create things it alienates is from turning to each other. I find teaching someone to avoid certain feelings will never be effective till they have a similar experience. BTW I see 33 a LoT. 3 is a number I associate with two loved ones who each took their lives by gunfire. They were beautiful on the inside, but both felt such guilt and shame because they were not able to meet all of their needs. I just looked up. I'm in DE, a car just pulled into the parking lot the license plate in front of me reads 5335 love you Travis and Dad I know you are always there with the angels. I hope you can finally rest.

    5. I can take some obstacles and that’s been made apparent. However, I can’t take the and the added pressures of the ones who are being oppressive. My identity, my abilities to make a move and my compassion are being intentionally beat down and made to anger me. I’ve been okay with everything up until my identification was stolen and used to keep my faith and heart under pressure and without their highest abilities to use as the catalyst for change and Creator of a higher consciousness

  5. I will turn 33 tomorrow. This is a very helpful post.

  6. This totally depends! I know many 33's and some of them are sacrificial and others are wholly selfish.
    Your writing makes the readers expect much more than a human being that desires as much as the person next to them..."a 33 in full force"
    They are merely people who choose a certain profession to make it.
    I suppose not everyone is the same and some are compassionate...unsure if these are learned or natural. 33's are not really that compassionate.

    1. I'm interested in more of your viewpoint. I thought 33s were rare. I am a 33/6. Sacrificial for some time. This was mainly due to my limited knowledge. Things began opening up to me later on in life, not without major life events first. I'm almost under the impression that 33's are scrambled early on in life. Its as if this makes their journey and success a fair game or a great obstacle to obtain.

    2. Also I think most 33's find themselves in this way of life, a calling we must yield to. It is not something we choose to do. We may have other goals initially. This makes it hard to cope with at times. The feelings are there and you know you have these qualities but you have to learn what they are and how to use them correctly, often without traditional guidance. It may be common for 33's to deny or misuse this way of life because it is very weighty and when one comes to recognition, their abilities may have been abused or taken for granted.

    3. I agree June, that was my experience. I had a very varied and scrambled life full of goals that didn't touch on this side of life at all - right up until I turned 33 years of age, and then everything changed. I celebrated my 33rd birthday with great gusto having no idea why (until I uncovered my own 33 later on) and was called to my vocation in Spiritualism. It was exactly that, a calling, not a conscious choice and it came with many sacrifices. Everything I have learned in this area has come directly from Spirit and the Astral Plane and will continue to do so. I always had these abilities but was at a loss to explain it to anyone nor did I know what to do with it, until I was called. It is a path of great responsibility, simply because you have access to so much information across so many areas. The further on your path you go, the more you are expected to adhere to your responsibilities. Having access to this knowledge also means that you are vulnerable to being used, and that can be quite a lonely experience. The path is rewarding but it comes with responsibility and an acceptance that your life will not be about you.

  7. I am experiencing a lot of heat through various parts of my body. It started off at the feet and began to travel up and through my body. I have a sensation around my head the resembles me wearing a hat. I am seeing many 333. Dreaming in 333 also 53 and 37 are about in my life. I have undergone a complete 180 degree flip in my life from being on deaths door through 15 years of hell on earth of drug addiction. I cried out to The Lord for help and a complete miracle has happenned in my life. I am clean and sober and off all anti depressants and anti psychotics. And was recently baptised. At home on the couch the heat went all through my body and was the most blissful feeling i ever encountered that no drug could even touch. Felt like waves flowing up my back. Everything in my life has changed and can feel a definite communication is going on. I am being encouraged along a path now which i believe is the correct one. I dont know how everything will fall into place but i am putting all my trust in aThe Father, His Son and The Holy Spirit. I give thanks to Him for the guidance He is sending me

    1. What you describe is similar to kundalini awakening. It can happen after deep meditation, facing a great deal of hardship or through mastery in your chosen field when you become so good at what you do that your ego gets dissolved!

  8. Deuteronomy 18:10
    10 There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering,5 anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer.
    So Joanne... explain

  9. my birth number put together is 33, and yes i am very much like global care taker and wisdom seeker in everything. But my work and passions driven by compassion is so different. i am doing research technically and same time love being music player of piano. What your words about that.?? And yes i love helping people, mostly animals and i do that daily anytime, whenever i feel to do. I do not fallow rules, i question everything no matter how un-pleasant it may look lol...!! So nice article but can we judge others just by numbers, thought its have a unique principle and meaning behind it. But i still fallow my intuition and many times i just keep motivated myself in different ways.

  10. Hello, I'm writing as a 33/6 master number, which - according to the site 'sevenreflections' - is my soul urge number that is derived from my name. Also 33/6 appears in my 4th pinnacle (48 and beyond), which is in my birthday. Just to clarify, I treat numerology (as of now, at least) as a subject of objective study and cautious interest to see it's legitimacy. I do not encourage anyone, nor do I believe, that others would live out there lives based on what numerology depicts. Let nobody tell your purpose of life, for then you're enslaved to someone elses subjective opinion and not living out of what you see as necessary. What should be done is find out - by experience and courage, honesty to self and objectivity of your actions, awareness and study, relevance and sensitivity - what is the relevant course of action for you and those around. Strive for the truth and most importantly, prepare for it. Seek balance in order to manage your life so that you can assist those around as well. To enhance perception is to enhance clarity of situation.

    Just keep in mind, your actions have a consequence. Selfishness (inflated ego) enhances rivalry. Not everything happens or will be fixed in an instant. But yes, sometimes vital and spontaneous decisions should be made for the better. You cannot help others around if you cannot help yourself. Helping yourself and learning the fundamentals of life by yourself, or by the help of others, is essential to helping others.

    The contradiction, most fundamentally, is that there is duality, then there is oneness. To live on this planet, you must learn to live with the ego - the contributer to duality. To balance spirituality (pursuit to oneness) and life (the circus of duality), is the challenge.

    Every experience can be used as a stepping stone. Invest (direct your attention) in that which you wish to happen. Discipline is the key. The lesson is to accept that there will be consequences, challenges.

    Don't let someone's misunderstanding or mistake discourage you by hurting you. Let it encourage you to develop the ability to be a light when most needed.

    I'm still young, 19, and I feel as if my journey has just started. It's better not take everything I have said as completely true. But then again, everything I say can be contradicting from a certain viewpoint. Of course, I try to write so there is some use to what I have said. "...And now yoga"

    1. CORRECTION: my soul urge is actually 55/10/1 according to my full name!!

  11. Being a lover of Jesus and also a #33, I say you have an amazing assignment before you. As you increase in awareness of who you are in Him you will be able to influence nations in love. GO YOU! To infinity and beyond!!!

  12. "The 33 in full force is extremely rare." I'm trying to figure out why she put this sentence.

    I'm 33/6, and I'm now 23 years old. I was born on October. I'm Scorpio (I'm so easily traumatized).
    I'm neither a psychic, nor I feel I have those "connections" to masters.
    I don't think I'll be a teacher and actually I'm jobless.
    I've led a different course of life from most people. I'm intelligent (I'm just not a native speaker of English), but I didn't like school and I got out of the line most people follow.

    I think the line she wrote, "...before preaching to others" very much applies to my characteristic.
    But about other things... I'm not so sure.

    My life has been troubled very emotionally for several years, and I don't know how to continue to live my life. I don't even know what my "life purpose" is.
    I don't think 33 is a very lucky number to have...

    The pain I've felt in my life seems too much for me to bear. (I'm a man, and don't worry I've never been raped.)
    And the pain I'm going to suffer in the future if I continue to live.

    I think if the 33 in full force is that rare, there's no point in calling the number "master number" but why does she do that?

    If she's correct, a 33 person can be a saint but most fail? Or supposed to fail?

    It sounds good to my ears or to anyone's ears that I have such a potential, but... I think what I like isn't actual people. I'd devote my life to my ideal people. (I'm an INFP person so I know I'm idealistic.)

    I feel like 33s just have so many wide-ranged possibilities and that can either be a blessing or a curse.

    But Joanne tells positive sides of numbers and I think I'll find any negative remark if I read other websites so maybe here's not a place for discussing "dark matters".

    I'm not religious, so I don't worry about becoming a martyr, but I'm sure I have that trait. I tend to sacrifice myself too much. I'm actually afraid of that myself. It could break my life.

    I almost faint when I see blood, so I'll never be a doctor... at least a western doctor? But I'm not so interested in medicine.
    I wish I could be energetically very intelligent and had the kind of healing power she talks about.
    I don't have precognitive dreams, and I can't see auras. I feel like I'm a failure as 6 when I think about what she wrote about 6.

    I don't think I have the "considerable abilities," but that sounds good.

    But maybe if there's something that makes me unique, it's that I'm sensitive. But as a normal human being.
    Even caffeine is too strong for me. I rarely drink an alcohol. (I know it makes me feel happier, though.)
    I'm very sensitive to tastes and smells.
    I don't like loud noises.

    A person online pointed out that I might have aspergar's syndrome, but I'm not that disturbed by loud sounds and strong smells. I just avoid them.
    I think he actually had aspergar's syndrome. He was insensitive. But that's another story.

    I'm an HSP, according to an online test I took. You can google "am I a hypersensitive person" or something like that to find the test.
    I'm just sensitive.
    Maybe I should try to kill this part of myself? It doesn't feel good for me to have this sensitivity when I try to survive in a society that's harsh and competitive.

    I sometimes wonder "Where am I?"
    Of course I always know where my body is. I've never had an out-of-body experience. My father told me that he had had when he was young. But having OOB experiences sounds creepy.

    "Where am I?" means.. I'm not sure.
    I suddenly don't know what I am and where I'm going in my life sometimes.
    I just haven't find a purpose to live, but in my words, I just don't know the point that I am/should be in an X-Y field that is called life/job.
    I don't know where I am in that field.

    1. Hey— I’d love to know where you’re at now. Have your feelings towards be ‘33’ changed? I’ve had a lot of similar thoughts throughout my years.

  13. thank you joanne and all. the last day of my birht year is 3 and also month (03)... my birth date adds 29 (11) and intutively i know 11 (my being) is within 33 and that i can achive it to be an artist, the artist that i was born, doing healing arts. forever grateful. i lived many lifes on earth, both spiritual and materalistic (and sharing loads of money). 33,22, 11... all master numbers related to my birh date, to my full name... cheers from bruno. youll know which one. thanks!

  14. I just realised my destiny number is 33, I had always thought it was 6 by using a site to work it out rather than simply adding the numbers myself! And I'm living my 33rd year. And I see 333/313/1313 very often. This is lovely, thank you.

  15. Go check ur bible mat 6:33
    Serve God first