Outspoken, strong-willed, analytical, research, study.

The number 16 is a karmic number, and people under its influence need to keep their feet on the path of higher learning. They must cultivate their personal willpower, independence and initiative action to enable them to overcome obstacles that come into their life experiences.
Number 16 denotes that many will experience trials and defeats throughout their lives. Unforseen events may seem to follow people with this number, and possible manifestations of this energy include illicit love affairs and/or money losses.

16 brings in the single number of 7, with its energies of obligation and responsibility to listen to its inner-voice which will always warn them of danger through their dreams and strong intuition. When this number is transmuted to the higher vibration it expresses itself as love of humanity and the desire to uplift others in the cause of harmony.

Strong-willed and with a fine analytical mind, 16' need to know everything about everything! Study, research and anything 'New Age' interests the 16's mind and they will have many psychic experiences during their lifetime.

A number 16 person is often outspoken and their strong beliefs give them the energy and stamina to keep going for many hours in the day, yet still find quality time for their family. These people have the capacity to love deeply and passionately, yet relationships are not easily established. 16s are very conscious of their responsibility within the home and make very loving partners and parents  -  however, their need to take command in ALL situations often makes it difficult for themselves.

The 16 energy person may have many challenges to overcome during their life and they need their solitude and can have trouble 'fitting in'. Often, from their early 20's, 16 people reach their ‘special purpose’.  

16s have natural healing abilities and are experts on human nature and because of this they make great writers, actors and comedians. Often, those born on the 16th are interested in religion, research and animals.

A 16 energy individual can crucify themselves on the path of love that can come into Spiritual consciousness if they turn their love towards the path of ‘Light’. The challenge of the 16 must be carefully met so that its effects may be diluted to a milder vibration.

A number 16 person is outspoken and their strong beliefs give them the energy to keep going for many hours in the day, yet still find time for home and family. They have the capacity to love deeply and passionately and are very conscious of their responsibility within the home, and make very loving partners and parents.  


Writers, natural healers, actors, comedians.


Females with the 16 energy love anything 'New Age' -  crystals, a pendulum or Tarot cards are ideal gifts. They also love reading so books, particularly self-help books are appreciated.

Men would love a new bicycle, computer software, CD's and good wine.

Both sexes like to relax so a house cleaner for a month, a hammock or sun lounge for the garden, or renting a log cabin in the mountains for the weekend will be much appreciated.

Also see the attributes and energies of number 1, number 6 and number 7 (1+6=7)


  1. For I shall honestly and wholeheartedly appreciate the conceive information provided in this website which now makes total or even perfect sense that why God has chosen for me to be given birth on the 16th Month of January.. May God's Glory be upon you for whoever that has given me this information. Amen..

    1. I was born on 16th January too ;)

    2. I was born on 16th January too ;)

  2. Concise information* Forgive my mistake..

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  4. My cousin was murdered July 13th, Her birthday is September 13th her moms Birthday was July 14th the day after her murder. Is there any meaning in the numbers of her Birth/Death?

  5. Describes me to a T. June 16th.

    1. I was born on June 16th as well, this describes me perfectly..