Number 9 is the number of Universal love, eternity, faith, Universal Spiritual Laws, the concept of karma, spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, service to humanity, humanitarianism and the humanitarian, lightworking and lightworkers, leading by positive example, philanthropy and the philanthropist, charity, self-sacrifice, selflessness, destiny, life purpose and soul mission, generosity, a a higher perspective, romance, inner-strength, public relations, responsibility, intuition, strength of character. 

The number 9 also resonates with learning to say ‘No’, creative abilities, sensitivity, loyalty, generalist, discretion, brilliance, problem-solving, inner-wisdom, self-love, freedom, popularity, high ideals, tolerance, humility, altruism and benevolence, empathy, non-conformity, artistic genius, an expansive viewpoint, eccentricity, communication, influence, perfection, magnetism, understanding, forgiveness, compassion and sympathy, the visionary, duty and calling, obligation, mysticism, optimism and Divine wisdom.

The qualities of the number 9 are those of leadership, the ability to see clearly, integration, the three worlds – physical, intellectual, spirituality, last symbol before return to unity, ability to understand, inborn talents, compulsions, introspection, personal integrity, unity, truth, the Seer, artistry, high moral sense, good advisor.perfection, concord, dissolves ego attachments, challenges faced in looking for your own wisdom.

Idealistic 9s, capable of realizing those ideals, are intensely passionate people needing to control their wild impulses.

Variously assertive, trusting, generous, selfish and willful, 9’s seriously need stabilizing influences.

In love, 9’s are romantic, ardent and impetuous.

The Ruler  -  All the Planets
Relates to:
The South Node of the Moon (Karma, residue of past lives)
The Hermit Tarot Card
Colour:  Gold

Negative Attributes:
Negatively, number 9 relates to disconnection, lethargy and an inability to concentrate and focus, dreamy, lethargic, inability to concentrate.


The number 9 is considered to be feminine and introvert. The related planet is Uranus and it is related to the star sign Sagittarius. The Tarot card related to the 9 vibration is The Hermit.

9 relates to wisdom and responsibility, and the ultimate goal of the number 9 is to serve humanity. This vibration has come to serve the world and make it a better place for all to live in.

9 represents human's 'earthly lesson', which is 'forgiveness'. Number 9 learns selflessness and compassion.

People with the 9 energy work without motive. Their purpose is for the greatest good of all. They have a protective energy and they have great power and love in their soul. They are aware that they have come with a mission that adheres to the principle of Universal Love and compassion. They will grow and learn throughout their lifetime tolerance, compassion, selflessness and generosity. There is a great strength of character within the 9 person, as well as wisdom, intuition and high idealism. There is also a great deal of warmth of feeling and love of home, family and friends.

The number 9 person may not fully understand their great love of nature until they raise their vibration to the level of love for all humanity  -  selfless giving with the reward of service.

The 9 energy is charitable, benevolent and altruistic. They must, however, not allow themselves to become doormats or martyrs. Number 9 has a sympathetic understanding of the under-privileged and under-developed, while at the same time sharing the aspiration and idealism of the more advanced souls. By respecting the Universal Law of Love and Service, and practicing humility, number 9 individuals can turn passion into compassion. The 9 energy is quick to become tense and stressed, as they attempt to solve everyone else's problems for them.

The number 9 symbolizes the principle of Universal philosophy or consciousness. 9 is the dreamer and feels at home in the realm of the arts, medicine, religion, drama, philosophy and metaphysics.

The 9 vibration is a healer and educator, acting always for the benefit of others. 9 looks for solutions from the inspirational, intuitive and creative worlds.The 9 energy is loving, compassionate and supportive. The 9 vibrations is the natural leader … people assume that they are in charge even if they are not.

The 9 energy takes care of everyone else, but needs to learn to speak up when they themselves need help, love and support.

9 is the visionary with an insight into the Universal Higher Laws of Life.  They are psychic, sensitive and thoughtful. The 9 energy person understands others' experiences of life as they have gone through them and can give sympathy, support and love.

The 9 energy is the 'Light of the World', and life will demand that they be 'all things to all people'. The 9 vibration person goes through many personal love relationships and experiences, disappointments and sorrows.  The 9 individual has ran the gammit of personal experiences, including both the highs and lows, the mundane and the spiritual, and have compassion and a rare understanding for all. They learn not to take on the responsibilities of others, but to teach and give, with selfless giving and service.

9's are very creative and the fields of art and culture may interest them. They enjoy quality and have an appreciation of beauty in all its forms.

The intense and deep emotions of the 9 person allows them to be responsible on all levels. They are able to rise from the bottom to the top, and have the ability to heal and restore, both themselves and others. They teach by example and radiate their energies out to those around them. These energies grow in fidelity as they use their talents to become fulfilled. 

Material security is not usually important to the 9 energy, other than to survive without financial stress or hardship. Love, trust, friendship and loyalty are by far more important.

The illuminated 9 comes into the physical life to serve, and in doing so, will raise their vibrations to the highest spiritual levels.


is Universal Love, Brotherhood, unfolding, completion, humanitarianism, benevolent, intuitive, selflessness.

18 / 9
climbing the Holy mountain for humanity, leader, giving and receiving, responsibility, Universal Love, Brotherhood, unfolding, completion, humanitarianism, benevolent, intuitive, selflessness.

27 / 9 
artist, must lift the energies to the highest, balance and perfection, Universal Love, Brotherhood, unfolding, completion, humanitarianism, benevolent, intuitive, selflessness. 
energies represent success on the material plane, through humanitarian concepts.   It is the success that comes from the natural flow of energy and generosity through which it is given. The ability to give out compassion, understanding, service, universal love, through humanitarian principles is a mark of the 72/9 person. These energies also bring the ability to heal, psychic and clairvoyant insight and spiritual consciousness.  This wisdom is to be used to lighten the paths of humanity.

36 / 9 
balance of personal love with Universal Love, needs balance between the material and Spiritual worlds, creativity, service, Universal Love, Brotherhood unfolding, completion, humanitarianism, benevolent, intuitive, selflessness.  36 / 9 can be the most negative of the number 9s.  Very often they can be a negative personality and are likely to be moody, fickle, critical and ill-tempered. They will display a feeling of bitterness towards the world, and can project a facade of wisdom and knowledge that they do not possess.

45 / 9 
makes one’s own investigation, freedom and change, firm foundation, co-operation, harmony, Universal Love, Brotherhood, unfolding, completion, humanitarianism, benevolent, intuitive, selflessness.

54 / 9 
wisdom, mystical, great inner resources, aware of hidden influences, makes one’s own investigation, freedom and change, firm foundation, co-operation, harmony, Universal Love, Brotherhood, unfolding, completion, humanitarianism, benevolent, intuitive, selflessness.


Compassionate, highly intelligent and kind, you are a true humanitarian, a natural teacher, healer and counsellor.

The 9 Day person is the natural leader. Within the workplace they will not just do their own jobs, but everyone else's as well. They put their all into getting things done.

The 9 vibration person needs to establish boundaries so that the will not feel depleted by the people in their life.The 9 Day person may have old family pains that haunt them, and they must work through these emotions in order to be happy today and in the future.

You may be inclined to seek an 'alternative' lifestyle.

9 Day Number people make excellent students, and a love of animals is a natural joy to them.

9 Day people sometimes may suffer hardship growing up, and if they had a D or M initial, they may have to cope with financial and/or health issues.  If they have a C, L or U initial they will be very popular.

The can become teachers or vets or do humanitarian work. Many travel a lot and end up living overseas.

Those born on the 9th seek alternative lifestyles and make excellent teachers.


Positive Characteristics:

People born with the Number 9 Destiny are independent, courageous and resilient. Optimists by nature, number 9s have a happy-go-lucky approach to life and they are more than able to cope with life’s ups and downs. Number 9s are sure of themselves and are generally content with their lot.

Once set on a course of action, number 9s will follow their chosen course with determination and they will not be put off or disheartened. Their enthusiasm and vitality can have a positive impact on other people who tend to get carried along with number 9s energies.

Number 9s have hidden depths as they have a great deal of sympathy and understanding for their fellow human beings. They are non-judgemental of others and are happy to accept people for what and who they are.

Those on the number 9 Life Path are destined to travel a true humanitarian path. They are here to make sacrifices for those less fortunate than themselves and make for an excellent doctor, scientist or charity worker. These sophisticated individuals are very selfless souls and are often patient, trustworthy and honourable from the very beginning to the end of their lives.They are all about spirituality.

Part of a 9's life path is to express spiritual principles through actions, rather than through preaching or proselytizing.

The karmic responsibility of the 9 on the earth plane is through humanitarian concepts.

Your challenge is to let go of material possession and relationships when they have outlived their purposes.

Your purpose is to work in any field that benefits mankind.

Negative Characteristics:
A forceful and uncompromising approach to life will get many number 9s where they want to be but can cause other people great distress. Number 9s do not enjoy conflict or hurting others, and so this aspect of their character needs to be kept in check.

It is important for number 9s to recognize that, unlike themselves, not everyone finds it easy to bounce back from disappointments and that other people may hurt for a long time after they have moved on.

Quick tempers are common amongst number 9s, as is a tendency to lash out at whoever is nearest.

Number 9s are often guilty of being self-centred and of not listening to others. They have such a belief in themselves that they are not willing to listen to the opinions of others, which can cause resentment.

Number 9s have a heightened sense of self-awareness gained through life experience, common sense and intuitive wisdom. They often attract those who seek a teacher, leader, mother or father figure, or those who think that a 9 association may advance them in some way. 9s are generally quick to see through that façade though and will evacuate the offender from their life with haste.

Number 9s are most often an attractive lot and if they lack traditional charms, they will certainly compensate with more than they’re fair measure of sex appeal. Never short of admirers, number 9s tend to enjoy a hectic love life.

Number 9s are in love with the idea of being in love as they adore romantic gestures and are easily won over by candlelit dinners and poetry. Once 9s fall in love they will swear their undying love and devotion, although this will not necessarily be reciprocated by the object of their desire. If they receive a cautious response they may decide that the relationship is not for them and will look elsewhere. Number 9s thrive on passion and excitement and a relationship lacking these qualities is unlikely to satisfy them.

Relationships are very important to number 9s and they will be loving and affectionate partners who will ensure that romance and passion are kept alive in their relationships. However, their emotional and passionate natures can cause problems as they are very susceptible to jealousy and are likely to create scenes and throw tantrums if they feel they have grounds for suspicion or are faced with the behaviour of a flirtatious partner.

9s can sometimes be quick to choose to leave a relationship or situation that they feel is no longer positively serving them or has served its purpose in their lives. When they recognise that something is over and done with for them, they take quick action to end it fully. 9 is quick to cut ties. This can seem harsh to those left behind, but ultimately 9 has done them a favour by allowing them the freedom to pursue a more suitable partnership, relationship or situation.

When it comes to matters of the heart, those influences by the number 9 are committed, loving, protective partners who show positive leadership and light within relationships and partnerships, and serve as positive examples for others to follow.

9s love deeply and once committed they like to know that their partner ‘has their back’ within the relationship as well as out in the wider world. They like to know that it is a true partnership in every way and like to present a picture of unity, equality and togetherness.

An ideal partner for the number 9 individual would be someone who is strong-willed yet flexible, compassionate but not a pushover, and intelligent and supportive of 9s ideals and strong sense of ‘being’.


Number 9s will generally have good relationships with their children. Arguments may be commonplace, but they will not be of a serious nature. The only real problem that may arise is if number 9s become jealous of the attention that their children receive. In this situation, number 9s should be honest about their jealous and try to arrange time alone with their partners so that they can fully enjoy the times spent as a family.

Number 9s will have a busy and hectic social life and will never be short of invitations to social gatherings. Small gatherings of close friends are the ideal social occasions for number 9s.

Number 9s have a liking for life’s luxuries and like this of quality and are often found dining out at extravagant restaurants. At home, a bottle of fine wine will usually accompany every meal, and the larder and drinks cabinet will be well-stocked with quality items.

An appreciation of the finer things in life will be reflected throughout the homes of number 9s. If finances permit, number 9s will have a jacuzzi to bathe in and the best quality bed to sleep on. Number 9s will have the best of everything that they can afford, from top of the range music systems to electric toothbrushes.


High pressure jobs appeal to number 9s as they enjoy having to think on their feet and meet tight deadlines. Pressure motivates number 9s and in the right environment they can excel. They have great vision and are prepared to take bold steps that more cautious souls would shy away from.

In careers, number 9s like variety and will often change jobs on a regular basis in search of new and bigger challenges. Number 9s need work that constantly presents new challenges in commitment. Once established in a career that suits their personalities, number 9s have the potential to rise to the very top.

Number 9s are suited to careers in journalism, the police force or armed forces, the medical profession, stockbroker or financial sector. These individuals make great environmentalists, teachers, artists, priests and healers.

In dealing with colleagues, number 9s should try to limit their criticisms and be patient with people who do not work at the frantic pace that they opt for. Number 9s will give credit where it is due and will be the firs to applaud another colleague’s hard work and input.


Brown and rich earthy colours are favoured by number 9s as they are luxuriant colours that reflects confidence and security. They are also soothing colours that can take the edge off the pressured lives of number 9s. Number 9s also seem to gravitate towards blue and yellow.

People with Motivation Number 9 want life to meet their ideals and they want the world to be a better place. They want everyone to be happy and at peace. They are compassionate and caring individuals who have romantic notions. They have a great love of life and have a great fondness of their fellow humans and want to spend a great deal of time talking and sharing thoughts.

People with Soul Urge / Motivation Number 9 tend to try to do too much at one time and can let themselves become exhausted.

The highest expression of the Soul Urge is to connect in a mystical way with others. Although their aspirations may seem lofty, they are also humanitarians who are often gifted with a sharp intuition and keen analytical skills. Their faith in themselves and the future is so strong that they live by their convictions.

Your challenge in life is to be understood as more than a fanatic or flake by others who may not understand your idealism.

The purpose of the illumined 9 is to come into the physical life to serve others, and in so doing, will raise themselves to the highest spiritual levels.


People with 9 as their Inner-Self or Karmic Number seem to be non-judgemental and open-minded individuals who are happy to accept everyone whom they meet as their equal. They appear to love everyone and have a great deal of compassion and tenderness towards their fellow human beings. They appear to have many creative talents and unique abilities.

People with the number 9 as their Inner Self or Karmic Number seem to be determined to live their lives as they chose.

They appear to be emotional and understanding individuals who enjoy the company of others and always have time to talk and listen.

9 Inner Self people are popular and regarded as good friends.


-   The Humanitarian

People with the Expression Number 9 are tolerant, compassionate and kind in their interactions with other people. They are charitable and forgiving individuals who are willing to give anyone a second chance. Other people’s opinions are important to them, and they rarely take any form of action without consulting someone else first. They pursue equality and harmony in their lives and are accepting of everyone’s uniqueness.

People with 9 as their Expression Number may find it hard to accept that life is not perfect. They may become disillusioned and frustrated by the lack of harmony in the world.

You express yourself best by seeking truth. Number 9's destiny often lies within the sphere of humanitarian causes. They make excellent teachers, counsellors and priests.

Number 9 Expression Number people are not very career driven and are born with an innate understanding of human nature. These kind, considerate and compassionate individuals are often also blessed with literary or artistic gifts as well.


9 is wisdom and responsibility, and the ultimate goal of the number 9 is to serve humanity. This vibration has come to serve the world and make it a better place for all to live in.

9 represents humans' 'earthly lesson', which is 'forgiveness'. Number 9 learns selflessness and compassion. People with the 9 energy work without motive and their purpose is for the greatest good of all. They have a protective energy and they have great power and love in their soul. 

They are aware that they have come with a mission that adheres to the principle of Universal Love and compassion. They will grow and learn throughout their lifetime tolerance, compassion, selflessness and generosity. There is a great strength of character within the 9 person, as well as wisdom, intuition and high idealism. There is also a great deal of warmth of feeling and love of home, family and friends.

The number 9 person may not fully understand their great love of nature, until they raise their vibration to the level of love for all humanity  -  selfless giving with the reward of service.

The 9 energy is charitable, benevolent and altruistic. They must, however, not allow themselves to become doormats or martyrs and this is one of their biggest karmic lessons to learn in this lifetime. 


Minister, Reverend, occultist, metaphysician, literary field, designer, nursing, social worker, body worker, holistic health, composer, teacher, scientist, actor, artist, craftsperson, painter, architect, counsellor or diplomat, world/community leader.


The 9 Personal Year is one of completion and marks the 'beginning of the ending' of everything you have managed to accomplish during the last decade. This is a year of endings and completion and it is a time to clear out and rid oneself of all that is not longer useful or needed in one’s life. De-clutter physically, mentally and emotionally.

It is a year of great changes, though these changes may not be fully recognized at the time.

This is the year you ‘reap what you sow’. Whatever you have been working on in the last 9 years will finally pay off. It is a year of squaring old debts and extending forgiveness to all of those to whom you are at cross purposes. There is a strong sense of humanitarian responsibility, tolerance and improved understanding present during this year.

This is an uncomfortable year for many individuals, especially if they are unable to embrace change. You may feel restless and things that used to interest you may be replaced by new desires. If you are not able to let go of the past willingly, a situation may manifest that forces you to change. Success and happiness come in this year through being emotionally detached and letting go of whatever starts to leave one’s life. There will be some loss through this year. Clear your space for new beginnings. De-clutter physically, mentally and emotionally and resolve old family issues.

The 9 Personal Year is a cleansing year, between the end of one cycle and the beginning of the next. It is also a time for metaphysical studies and writing. It is a year that is suited to travel, especially for long journeys and is also a year to make new and exciting friendships, and the termination of old relationships that are no longer necessary in one’s life.

Manifesting peace and harmony in all aspects of your life is possible, and is a key to your personal happiness. throughout this year and into the future.

The 9 Personal Year invites you to pay special attention to your inner world. You have graduated from a cycle of experience and it is a time for completing many areas of experience so that you can move freely into the next cycle ahead without carrying forward outgrown or unneeded baggage. There is a letting go of the old as anticipation of future possibilities exists within you. Gratefulness and compassion are especially important at this time.


Destiny of Life Path Number 9 people will be under no doubt as to the importance of this year for they will feel it’s vibrant power in every action. It can be a year of most notable success for those with intense ambition and special care needs to be taken so they do not allow their enthusiasm to become overly demanding. It needs to be remembered that all ambition must be tempered with wisdom.


The 9 energy usually loves photography, so a camera, picture frame or photography paraphernalia make ideal gifts.

9's are known to be intelligent, so a brain-teaser game, biographies or thrillers are well appreciated.

Tarot cards, bath oils, scented candles and chocolates go down well with women;  while men love a new mobile phone or back massager.


The energies and attributes of the number 9 come into play throughout the month of September, making it a month of conclusions and endings, opportunities to see things from a clear perspective, integration and the ‘three worlds’ – physical, intellectual, spiritual. 

The vibration of the number 9 gives us the ability to understand our own personal truths and live with integrity. September is a month where you may consider all you’ve achieved (or not achieved) so far this year, then make appropriate plans to either keep up the positive flow, or change the situation/s if they’ve not been running as you’d like them to. 

September is the month to enforce much needed changes as you’ll be setting up the cycle for the next twelve months.

The 9 in Numerology denotes the completion of things and a time to clear your mind and space. Let go of those unneeded items, clutter and old clothes so that you can make room for the new and useful to enter your life. Just let them go. Give them away. Remember, one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

9 is all about wrapping things up and the endings of things so September is a great month to complete projects that have been unfinished for months. You will find you have the physical and emotional energy to bring them to a conclusion.

If you’re interested in selling your house, put up that “For Sale” sign; and if you are looking for a 'sea' or 'tree-change', September is the time to get out there and take the plunge.

The 9th month is also an excellent month for doing something special and wonderful for yourself. If there’s a place you’ve always wanted to go to or visit, September is the time to go! Spend the weekend at a beautiful hotel, enjoy the view and take some time to clear your mind.

Your intuition may be very accurate and insightful throughout September in particular, so take special notice of any distinct messages during this time. If you feel a career change is coming or is desirable, don't hesitate to look for and interview for a new job or position.  If you are happy in your work/career, consider ways to strengthen your position and enhance the efficiency of your workplace.

If you are in a relationship, use your increased intuition and listen to your inner-voice in this month of 9. If you are content within your relationships, strengthen the bonds in new and imaginative ways. Let your partner and loved ones know that they are really LOVED and cherished.

If your relationship is troubled, September is the perfect month to seek help. See a counsellor or mediator as they tend to be especially helpful in this 9 month. Have an expert give you the tools to reopen communication in your relationship/s. (even if you don't feel all that loving towards them at this time.)

On the other hand, if you are in a relationship where there is always toxic conflict and you know in your heart that the relationship is going nowhere and/or is unhealthy for all concerned, don't be afraid to end it if you really feel you must. Remember the good, forgive the bad, and move on.

If there is someone in the family that you’re not communicating with but really do miss in your life, write them a letter and tell them how you truly feel. Do this now as in the month of 9 they will be more receptive to hearing what you have to say. September is not a month for confrontations though, so think before you speak and try to remain calm and centered while making all decisions in this 9 cycle.

Add some colour and vibrancy to your life by wearing fresh new shades and accessories and by incorporating simple things such as new cushions or curtains or a fresh coat of paint to a room in your home. This will help usher out the old energies and draw in those of the new season upon us.

SEPTEMBER  -  The Month You Were Born
If you were born in September the number 9 is significant in your character development. You are destined to play many different roles in your lifetime.You are highly intelligent and spiritual but tend to take adversity very personality.

Your biggest weakness is becoming depressed when you lose your faith in yourself and God.

LETTERS  I and R  =  9

I is the third vowel of the alphabet and is the numerical equivalent of the number 9. It represents law and order and is sensitive, compassionate and humane.

On the negative side, people with this first letter of I can be ill-tempered and moody.

The letter R is the numerical equivalent of the number 9 and is tolerant and humane. When the letter R is the first consonant in a name, the bearer will often act as a diplomat.

Negatively, people with the initial R can have a tendency to become short-tempered.


Positive Attributes:
A humanitarian, 9 Name Number people are willing to make sacrifices for those less fortunate than themselves. They are dependable, intelligent, artistic, deep thinkers and a fighter for justice at all costs. 

The peacemaker, mediator, negotiator, Name Number 9 individuals work well with people and feel very much at home when you are able to be of help to others and/or give your time to humanitarian causes. They have an enormous good-will and don't like confrontation and have a great depth of human understanding and sensitivity which enables you to inspire friendships, affection and love in those you meet or help.

Fame is seen with the number 9 Name energy.

Negative Attributes:
Too much of the 9 personality can have a tendency to make Name Number 9 people feel lazy and misunderstood and they may find great difficulty in compromise and lose sight of your own best intentions, needs, desires or purpose, in place of someone else's values or needs.

Disconnected, dreamy, lethargic, inability to concentrate.


The number 9 as the vibration of the First name represents wisdom and responsibility.  The ultimate goal of the Name number 9 is to serve humanity.  This vibration has come to serve the world and make it a better place for all to live in.

9 represents human's 'earthly lesson', which is 'forgiveness'.  Number 9 learns selflessness and compassion.

People with the Name Number 9 most often work without motive and their purpose is for the greatest good of all. They have a protective energy and have great power and love in their soul and within them they are aware that they have come with a mission that adheres to the principle of Universal Love and compassion. There is a great strength of character within the number 9 Name energy, as well as wisdom, intuition and high idealism. There is also a great deal of warmth of feeling and love of home, family and friends.

The number 9 Name person is charitable, benevolent and altruistic. They must, however, not allow themselves to become doormats or martyrs. 9 has a sympathetic understanding of the under-privileges and under-developed, while at the same time sharing the aspiration and idealism of the more advanced souls. By respecting the Universal Law of Love and Service, and practicing humility, number 9 individuals can turn passion into compassion.  

The 9 vibration is a healer and educator, acting always for the benefit of others. Name Number 9 people look for solutions from the inspirational, intuitive and creative worlds.  

The 9 energy takes care of everyone else, but needs to learn to speak up when they themselves need help, love and support.

The intense and deep emotions of the 9 Name person allows them to be responsible on all levels and they are able to rise from the bottom to the top, and have the ability to heal and restore both themselves and others. They teach by example and radiate their energies out to those around them.


Scientist, doctor, dentist, teacher, politician.


You can correct your karma in this lifetime by displaying more faith in the concept that the Universe is a benevolent, rather than a cruel place. Detaching from your emotions and consistently displaying an upbeat and positive attitude will usually bring you great rewards.

Your biggest fear is that others will never trust you or vice versa. Others' first impression of you might be of a person that is desperately seeking approval or as a passive aggressive.


The 9 address or house number enhances study and all students will do well living here. A 9 house is prone to have electrical problems and burnt toast is a common occurrence.

Decorate in pale, calm colours and keep lots of houseplants. Display trophies around the room to enhance success, and put out fresh flowers as often as you can.

This house number is not conducive to peace and relaxation, so is more likely to suit younger people than the aged.

Those who live here like to get things done in a hurry. They are not always consistent in their efforts however, but do things in short bursts.

The people in a number 9 house do not go to bed early, but are inclined to burn the midnight oil.

Spare time is a premium in this house and despite all the activity which goes on from day light to dawn, there is never a dull moment in a number 9 house.

There is often a workbench or tool shed for the handyman and many things are done on the ‘Do-it-Yourself’ plan.

A 9 number house is a place where there may be a problem with hot water or heating and people often burn the toast or themselves in a 9 house.


The 9 car registration is a great one if you are a nurse, student, healer or teacher.  You will be able to help many people out while driving this car.  It will bring change and travel into your life  -  you'll probably move house while you own this car.


Repeating Number Sequences or Angel Numbers

Repeating 9s     Angel Number 9


Relationship Compatibility  



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    Also i feel i will be soon my house will change to living in a number 8 house. I feel more connected to number 8 with the whats going on in my life for i have let go of the past but am not sure yet but i think my neighbour will sell her farm to me joining both properties which will make me an 8 house... am so confused..but sure?
    i feel I'm being prepared for something bigger? and yes i feel the dead husbands widow old lady next door will sell to me cuz her dead husband approved of me. The couple i bought the property from could not sell their property till they met me..2 years on sale.. i think its Ghost next door Brian that chose me cuz of his love for horses... right or wrong i feel this is the path chosen for me.. I'm so excited about whats coming that I'm sure but so unsure of what i should do...but the house numb chooses us agree....

  20. im not number 9, but i feel like this (i always use number 9, for example for password. i am number 1 after i got an extra name from mother when i was 10 yrs old, before i was number 4. i don't want to have number 1, i don't feel like number 1, and i don't want to be number 1. I'm 49 yrs old now.

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    1. Based on your birthday.....your numerological number is 10...add your birthday numbers...9+9+1+9+9+9=46..(4+6)=10

  24. This totally describes me as i was born on the 9th of August. It describes my personality 100% and it goes along with my life path #8, my expression #11, my soul urge #1 and my karmic number #1/ I finally understand and know myself. I'm finally understanding the different roles a number plays according to a Day Numebr (Personality) our full name (Expression) Life path, karmic number and soul urge.

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    And all the other numbers, the hidden tendency is listed. I have a 9 hidden tendency. I’d like to understand this about myself. Can you please add that section to this page?

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  55. 27/9 here. I hate my number for its kindness, being prone to martyrdom and doormat like behavior, being a pushover. More often than not I feel like I do not fit in this consumer-money oriented society where material success counts more than spiritual development and moral values. I find myself constantly confused and detached.

  56. I'm not Life Path 9, but I feel like the description of 36/9 "facade of wisdom..." are not quite right. I've known some 36/9 people including my sister, and even though I'm not good at dealing with their ill-temper, as I am 33/6, I think they do have wisdom, Malala, Amma, etc. What's funny is that 36/9 people don't look wise at all, if anything, at a first glance, they seem rather low-IQ people. But they're not.
    I am actually more brothered by the thinking and behaviours of 32/5 people in my life. The number somehow always ends up bothering me so much, and I actually think the "facade of wisdom..." part applies to 32/5, when they're so not refined and miss lots of stuff while they're opinionated, like strongly. My father and her sister are both 32/5, and I hate him.. She's better as she has 3 in her birthday.

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