The number 29 is made up of the energies and vibrations of the numbers 2, 9 and 11  -  2 + 9 = 11   -  therefore each number must be taken into consideration.


29 breaks down to the number 11 – a Master Number.

Complicated and often misunderstood, the 29 Day Number person is psychic, a deep-thinker and are often attracted to mystical or unusual professions.

The 29 Day Number person has a deep love of family and home-life and enjoy sports of all kinds.  They are able to multi-task, doing ten things at once.

The 29 Day Number person is caring and loving  -  however, they are sensitive and may have trouble with their self-esteem.  29's love having lots of friends around them, and any quarrelling is very upsetting for them.

29 people, having the energy of the Master Number 11, will find success throughout their life.  Their challenge is to overcome their self-esteem issues, and to curb their jealous tendencies.


The 29 person loves sensual gifts.  Men will appreciate aftershave, pure cotton underwear, a foot spa or a voucher for a massage.

Women like satin sheets, sexy lingerie, romantic novels, good quality cookware, their favourite perfume or a voucher for the beauty salon.  Tickets for a show or sporting event, and family pictures enlarged and framed, go down well as gifts for both sexes.

Repeating Number Sequences (Angel Numbers)

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  1. having the energy of the Master Number 11, will find success throughout their life. Their challenge is to overcome their self-esteem issues, and to curb their jealous tendencies. Ashley

  2. I began to see 29's in Barcelona in 2003 when photographing several buildings I noticed that 3 of them ended in 29. I told my friend the story while we were driving in Barcelona. While stopped at a light, I looked left to my friend in the driver's seat,and realized that we had stopped for the light in front of a building numbered "229". Then I realized something new was going on. It has not stopped since.I know not what it means but so far so good. I have many hurdles in my life.Seeing the recurring "29" is of much comfort. I have no explanation and am looking for similar people to share.I have no previous links to this number.

    1. Eric, I am in the same boat as well. I've been seeing 29's everywhere. I'm trying too to find out what that means.

  3. WOW !! I published the above comment on 1/4/2013 and it states 1/5/2013....if that is the case, then the comment above was not posted on January 28 but JANUARY 29 !!!! 29 !!!!

  4. i also see no 29 very often, but i wish to know what it means but i think its just a message ,a good message that i rarely understood it right

  5. ik zie ook altijd de nr 29! sinds ik uit heb mijn mijn ex vriend op 29/09/2012. 5 jaar daarvoor waren we ook uit elkaar op 29/09/2007! en sinds de laatse keer komt die nummer altijd en overal terug! ik zou ook heel graag weten wat dat betekent! ik denk nog altijd dat ik hem niet mag vergeten want op een of andere manier moet ik er altijd aan terug denken als ik de nummer 29 zie! raar maar waar! vind het ook wel gek dat nog andere mensen die nummer zien! heeft iemand ondertussen al een betekenis gevonden?

  6. Samuel Guadalupe JrFebruary 4, 2016 at 4:59 AM

    I don't see 29 alot but I was born January 28th 1980 which equals 29 but I do see 11's alot particularly 1111 and no I'm not Jesus Christ of Nazareth but he is real and he loves you all

    1. yes Christ Jesus is very real. he is the one n only son of almighty god.u r 100% definitively not son of god. always love respect worship god almighty Jesus Christ holy spirit n their one n only girl Mary almighty. always believe trust n have faith in the eternal divine family.always do good for the divine family only love people who r righteous .they hate every wicked people . they will open the gates of heaven only for righteous people.there people who were kind generous lovely honest nice sweet true on earth can have a eternal life. every evil wicked monsters on earth will be sent to hell by them. there evil souls will suffer eternally.blood of Christ Jesus is our victory. long live almighty Mary holy virgin mother of almighty God.

  7. archangel Michael.....29 of september

  8. I have been seeing the number 29 for a long time now. I was born on the 29th. I have landed in Barbados on August 29 three times now. The last time my daughter and I sat in row 29 on the plane going there and back. Often when I look at my phone, the time is 29 minutes past the hour. I have been seeing 29s more often lately.