With the influences of the independent and assertive number 1 coupled with the strength and energy of the powerful number 8, number 18 carries the vibrations of manifesting abundance, stepping into personal inner-strength, leadership and karma.

Those born on the 18th day may find that people with baggage and problems are attracted to them, all wanting to tell you their life stories. 18 makes good companions and friends and most often have solutions to problems posing to both themselves and others. 

18s often suffer hardships of their own whilst growing up, bringing them the lessons of compassion, strength and empathy.

A lover of animals, children and those less fortunate, 18s have a strong and loving soul and a natural love of LIFE and the natural forest or bushland appeals to you. Those born on the 18th make excellent students and are quick learners.

If the 18 energy person has a first initial of D or M, they could have to cope with financial and/or health issues throughout their lives. With a C, L or U initial they will be very popular throughout their lives.


18s make excellent teachers or vets and are often drawn to humanitarian work, sometimes on a global scale.

Teaching, the medical/healing/caring professions such as doctor, nurse, alternative health care practitioner, veterinarian are ideal vocations for the number 18.


18 people love photography, so a camera or any photography paraphernalia are much appreciated gifts. 18's are intelligent, so a brain-teasing game, biographies or thrillers are ideal.

Bath oils, scented candles and chocolates are a treat for women; while men would love a new mobile phone or back massager.

Also see the vibrations and attributes of number 1, number 8 and number 9 (1+8=9)


  1. See, it says 1:18, not so it is 11:22

  2. Yup! I can relate to this description

  3. Same here. Born on November 18th, 1981. 1+9+8+1=18. The added letters of my last name and first name equal 18.

  4. I see the number 18 in countless forms every single day and I finally looked it up and it all makes sense now. I was born on the 18th, my son and my aunt on 8/18, I was married 9/18, and I won a small lottery using 818. All the characteristics above describe me to a "t"

  5. I was born 9-18-1981 and im trying to unlock the mistery....

  6. I was born 9-18-1981.
    Just woundering if there's any meaning to it.

  7. The sum if the letters in my name is equals to 18. And my bday is 18 too. Hahaha ths is amazing

  8. The sum if the letters in my name is equals to 18. And my bday is 18 too. Hahaha ths is amazing