Duality, communication, society, versatility, energetic, easy-going, charismatic, communicative.

People with the 21 energy are cheeky, bubbly, popular and oozing with charisma and they often start talking earlier than most other energies. The person born on the 21st or who is influenced by the number 21 love to socialize, and often enjoy sporting activities.

A 21 individual has a great deal of potential and they have the ability to feel their way through any situation, attempting to understand both sides before they make a decision. These people are easy going and have the ability to get along with everyone. They are very sociable people and are very forward, charismatic and considerate of others. There is something very natural about them which attracts others to them.

Number 21 people don’t assume any airs and graces so people feel very safe with them. These people are considerate, intuitive, loving and affectionate and their relaxed good nature makes them very easy to be with. Number 21 people love and cherish the special people who are close to them, and this in turn makes them very special too.

Communication is most important to number 21 people and they will always attempt to talk through their differences rather than argue with others as they consider this to be a waste of time.

21 people make great salespeople and/or writers. However, they can become paranoid when nervous and often get taken the wrong way by others.

Negatively, 21s may at times be restlessness, overly-sensitive, glib, and unreliable.

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